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If you choose penalty bet on Ibet888 as the special betting type, you have to know the referee who will lead and maintain the match.

Tips to Play Penalty Bet on Ibet888 Vietnam 
Special bet is easy to choose but it is not easy to win this game because you can’t just use prediction to play this game. You need to use something else more than just a prediction because what you really need is actually luck. If you choose penalty bet, then you have to know the right way to choose.
Inside Ibet888, you will be served with so many different kinds of prizes but to get them all, you need to find the best tips so you don’t lose the game. Penalty bet only gives you 50% of chance to win the game and if you want to increase it, pay attention to the referee instead to the players only.

How to Play Penalty Bet on Ibet888
One football match can be so unpredictable and it is hard to guess how this match ends. If you choose penalty bet as the special betting type on Ibet888, then you need to know the characteristic of referee because it can help you more than just looking at the players only because referee is more important.

It is not the player who gives the penalty but referee. No matter how hard the tackle is, but if referee sees it different, then they don’t give penalty. However, though one player can fall down on the penalty box no matter how soft the tackle is, the referee can give the penalty kick for that team.

That is why, you need to know the referee characteristic and also some matches led by him. By seeing their previous matches, you know whether this referee can give the penalty easily or not. This can be your reference so you will not find it difficult to guess it when playing on Ibet888.